Whimsy Words: Purple…eyeliner?

Halloween is long gone and the jolly season of Christmas is almost upon the world’s merry citizens.

So why on earth am I holding this purple pencil my best friend bought me? Everyone who knows me know my hands should be kept as far away from the make up counter as possible. I just can’t comprehend the stuff!

It’s not just that. It’s PURPLE. Purple. Puuuuurple. (Great, now the word sounds weird.) Okay, there’s probably some top secret technique so that it looks…fit for public display…; but at the moment, I look like a semi-sadist’s girlfriend with this violent looking bruise around my eyes. Real glamourous.

And now I conclude this enlightening post to amuse myself with this fascinating piece of cosmetic by embellishing my face with colourful, not-theatrical-at-all evidence of my healthy relationship with above lover. Creativity is the key!

Have you ever received a present and just thought: “What the heck am I going to need THIS for?!!

Merry Xmas everyone!

Your friendly neighbourhood Margaret x

Paint edit

“All the world’s a stage”. Literally.

Da Man hath said it and now Crazy Theatre Geek is walkin’ the walk.

I sincerely believe that everything in life; every Math period, every exasperating soccer drill in PE and every “Margaret, wash the dishes!!”, can be split into the Overture, Act I, yadidaahhh, Intermission, Act II, blaaaahhh and Finale (a.k.a. “I’M FREE!” if you’re watching Cats. Or Paint Never Dries Love Never Dies.). A mini-musical in everything :D. There mightn’t seem to be alot of point in thinking of things that way; but, to me, everyday seems be somewhat brighter when I think of what could be happening if life’s tedious no-way-outs kicked off with violins playing allegro and ended with applause.

Now for something a speck more contemplative: I think everyone could use a little theatre in their life. Not the glitter or that umpteenth bruise from crashing into the same prop door every. damn. time. but just the basic, most cliche phrase of the theatre: “The show must go on!”.

The show will always go on. The curtain will always rise on the dot. And that is why 98756856 people have died during runs of Macbeth. That ever determined passion to stand up everytime you trip is an attitude that could bring people further than they have ever dared to imagine. THAT’S a motto for ya, folks!

“There’s no people like show people, they smile when they are low!…Let’s go on with the show, let’s go on with the show!”


Keep smiling =)

Your friendly neighbourhood Margaret x

My dear Mrs English Teacher and what I know

I know I sound like that naive protagonist character when I say: My English teacher told me I need to write about “what I know” instead of overdramatic “drivel”. Maybe it’s true, maybe it’s not; but summer break had just begun and it’s already a daily challenge to find more, quoting my mom, “wholesome” activities than drooling over a Richard  Armitage clad in nothing but delicious dark blue spandex. Ahem.

So, hence, this humble blog was born!

I won’t be writing about the passionate tribulations of my Contessa Clarinda but of the unexplored world of “what I know” (a certain Mr. Armitage in Speedo briefs may or may not fall into that category) which really just revolves around the arts, literature, anything vintage and just being happy. My entries aren’t written to impress (but it’s great if they do). They’re just my, at times, pointless, commentary and I won’t pretend that they are anything more. I just hope I’m not as boring as I think I might be…

I would really appreciate any comments or suggestions about aaaanything at all 🙂

RA in Cold Feet

Sorry. I had to. Here’s something a little more wholesome…

Monet painting

No one quite does it like Monet, eh?

Keep smiling =) 

Your friendly neighbourhood Margaret x