My dear Mrs English Teacher and what I know

I know I sound like that naive protagonist character when I say: My English teacher told me I need to write about “what I know” instead of overdramatic “drivel”. Maybe it’s true, maybe it’s not; but summer break had just begun and it’s already a daily challenge to find more, quoting my mom, “wholesome” activities than drooling over a Richard  Armitage clad in nothing but delicious dark blue spandex. Ahem.

So, hence, this humble blog was born!

I won’t be writing about the passionate tribulations of my Contessa Clarinda but of the unexplored world of “what I know” (a certain Mr. Armitage in Speedo briefs may or may not fall into that category) which really just revolves around the arts, literature, anything vintage and just being happy. My entries aren’t written to impress (but it’s great if they do). They’re just my, at times, pointless, commentary and I won’t pretend that they are anything more. I just hope I’m not as boring as I think I might be…

I would really appreciate any comments or suggestions about aaaanything at all 🙂

RA in Cold Feet

Sorry. I had to. Here’s something a little more wholesome…

Monet painting

No one quite does it like Monet, eh?

Keep smiling =) 

Your friendly neighbourhood Margaret x