Whimsy Words: Purple…eyeliner?

Halloween is long gone and the jolly season of Christmas is almost upon the world’s merry citizens.

So why on earth am I holding this purple pencil my best friend bought me? Everyone who knows me know my hands should be kept as far away from the make up counter as possible. I just can’t comprehend the stuff!

It’s not just that. It’s PURPLE. Purple. Puuuuurple. (Great, now the word sounds weird.) Okay, there’s probably some top secret technique so that it looks…fit for public display…; but at the moment, I look like a semi-sadist’s girlfriend with this violent looking bruise around my eyes. Real glamourous.

And now I conclude this enlightening post to amuse myself with this fascinating piece of cosmetic by embellishing my face with colourful, not-theatrical-at-all evidence of my healthy relationship with above lover. Creativity is the key!

Have you ever received a present and just thought: “What the heck am I going to need THIS for?!!

Merry Xmas everyone!

Your friendly neighbourhood Margaret x

Paint edit